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Detroit is a well rounded city with much to offer to those looking for a great time. With fantastic sports teams, a location on the beautiful Detroit River, proximity to Canada, and a rich history that has made way for a diverse melting pot of culture, there's so much to explore in the city of Detroit. We're happy to be of service to this area, where the residents are passionate and hardworking individuals who have an eye on the future. Detroit is certainly one of the best cities to be in America, despite what anyone may say!

It's no secret that Detroit has been through some hardships, but that doesn't take away from the spirit of the city. In fact, it only adds to the motivation of the local residents here. Everywhere you go, you'll see new opportunities for fun and small businesses popping up. Every time you come to Detroit, there's something new to experience, and that's a beautiful thing. Whether you're planning a bar hopping experience in Downtown Detroit, a tour of the exquisite casinos, a way to get to your hotel from the airport, or you're here to check out the fantastic opportunities for museums, you'll need some transportation!

Transportation in Detroit is easy to come by. With a fantastic directory of talented limousine, limo bus, charter bus and sedan providers in the area, you're always in luck when you're searching for deluxe transportation! Whether you're in the city or one of the surrounding suburbs in Metro Detroit, you sure to be impressed by all of the different choices for transportation that we'll go over here. The choices here are the best in the area with fantastic customer service, vehicle features, attention to detail, and expansive area of service.

On our party buses page, you will find out why it's so much fun to party it up with your friends on one of these luxurious buses. There are so many exciting companies to serve your needs in this area and they have such a wide range of vehicles to choose from. It's wonderful to see the sights of the city and really enjoy time out with your friends and family, all the while drinking legally on the road and really enjoying the ride. Having a professional chauffeur at the helm is a perk that cannot be overstressed. They are your own personal designated driver all night long.

On that note, you'll be able to really party all night long without having to worry about whether or not your designated driver has really abstained! There's nothing like knowing that you will be dropped off and picked back up right at the door, with professional navigation from a real chauffeur who also has a state of the art GPS system at their fingertips. Party buses are awesome for weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday parties, school dances, business events, and so much more.

Of course, limousines are always a classic choice too! They're a bit less spacious than a party bus of course, but they have that long, lean, classy look and they can be more elegant and subdued for your more sophisticated events. We've got a page that will guide you to the very best limo companies in our area and that will also go into detail about the reasons that renting one is such a smart idea for your upcoming event. There are even tips on how to save money when doing so. We hope that our information will be very helpful to you in your search for the perfect transportation!

A charter bus is another option that we definitely don't want to leave off of our list for your consideration. These are by far the smartest choice for really large groups. Comfortable and convenient, holding over 40 passengers without being cramped or uncomfortable, this really removes all the stress of driving long distances in separate vehicles, losing each other, or arriving late! Everyone in one vehicle is a major perk as far as we are concerned. If you're not familiar with the pricing and vehicle features for this type of a trip, our site will be really helpful to you.

Finally, a sedan rental is a really smart choice when you want a classy vehicle but you don't have a large number of guests tagging along with you. Maybe you're attending a corporate event in the area or meeting up with clients that you want to impress. Maybe you're having a sophisticated and elegant date night and you really want to pull out all the stops. You'll avoid the hassles of traffic, parking, and navigation, all the while enjoying a smooth and safe ride.

Check out all of the fantastic options here, and choose your favorite mode of transportation. You're sure to enjoy the experience that follows, a carefree tour of what's best of Detroit. With these selections of sedans, charter buses, limousines, and party buses, you're going to have a memorable experience in Detroit and the surrounding cities. For services outside Detroit some good options are Bakersfield CA Transportation and Pittsburgh Transportation. Have a great time in the Motor City, and thanks for checking us out!