Detroit Events for Charter Buses

Field Trips

Field trips are exciting times! However, who wants to be saddled with driving a bunch of children around to the museum? A much better option is out there for you to consider, and it's a charter bus. The kids will all be in one place, and the excitement in the air is sure to palpable. You won't have to deal with kids complaining about how uncomfortable and bored they are. Pop in a movie and keep them entertained.

Family Reunions

Family Reunions are special events that don't come around nearly often enough. Therefore, it makes sense to treat them as the special events that they are with professional transportation. Get everybody in one spot, and get ready to share memories while you make new ones. Travelling all together will allow for the maximum amount of time spent together.

Sporting Events

Why not grab a group of sports fans to celebrate the big game? After all, tailgating in a charter bus is supremely easy to do. Those around you will be jealous that they didn't think about renting a charter bus for their tailgate. It's a great way to avoid parking fees, the annoyance of downtown traffic, and potential DUI charges! Rent your charter bus today.


Concerts offer a great opportunity to take advantage of charter bus transportation. You and your friends want to have a great time without any hassles, and a charter bus will help you to accomplish that. The chauffeur will get you and your friends there on time and safely. Be sure to consider one for your next musical experience in Detroit!


Sometimes, you just need to get away from it all. When you have a group of passengers looking to do the same thing, it's extremely easy to have a great time in a charter bus! Think about it, someone else deals with traffic and directions while you sit back and relax. This bus if for those who want to be stress free and be able to enjoy themselves.

Tours of Detroit

The Motor City has a lot of history, and a lot of different ways to experience it! Whether it's Hitsville, the DIA, or whatever you have in mind, a sightseeing tour of Detroit is an amazing experience when it's viewed from the inside of a charter bus. Rent yours today to see why!