Pricing for Limos

Like most potential customers, you're most likely curious about the costs associated with a limousine rental in Detroit. We know that a ride in a limousine seems like a costly happenstance that's out of your budget, but hold on for a moment before you close the page! Although it's true that limousine services can be costly, you'll find that the transportation is affordable here with limousines in Detroit. When you have a company who knows how to set prices to please both sides of the deal, you know you've chosen a winner!

There are many factors that go into the price of a limo. Most importantly, the passenger size and the date of service are the biggest contributers to price. Buses that hold more people cost more because there is more bus. Though, in a way, it can be cheaper because you can spilt the price between everyone. There are certain times that a limousine may be more or less. Late spring to end of summer will run prices a little higher along with holidays. Weekdays and Sundays are cheaper than Fridays and Saturdays.

When a company goes above and beyond to offer affordable pricing for its potential and returning customers, you can be sure that they're a worthwhile company to stick with. The limousines you'll see here are all unbeatable in terms of style and convenience, and their price is right, too! Just be sure to let the booking agent know where you're going, when you'll need service, and how many passengers will be coming along for the ride. This allows us to give you a completely accurate rate for your custom event. Compare these prices to others in the area, and you'll see just how much money you're saving on professional quality transportation! We look forward to servicing your event! See Boise Limo Pricing or Dallas and Fort Worth Limo Pricing if you don't see exactly what you need or you want to shop it around.