Questions about Sedans

What do customers usually use sedans for?

The options are limitless, but our customers usually use our transportation service for airport transportation, as well as vacation needs, date night, even bar hopping!

What types of features are in a sedan?

Sedans have extremely comfortable handcrafted leather interiors, as well as a premium stereo system, tinted windows, reclining seats for your comfort, a climate controlled interior, as well as room for all of your luggage.

Are we allowed to smoke inside of your sedans?

You're not allowed to smoke inside any of our vehicles, we apologize! However, we'll be glad to stop if you need to take a smoke break. We're always willing to accommodate you!

Are we able to drink inside a sedan?

As we're a licensed limo carrier, you're allowed to drink inside of our sedans. A good time is always on the horizon with our professional transportation!

What makes a sedan better than a limousine?

A sedan is a more economical way to travel in Detroit. While both options have their positives, you'll find that a sedan is much lighter on the pocketbook.

Are your sedans safe?

Our sedans are the safest around! They have large insurance policies on them, they're driven by some of the best chauffeurs in Michigan, and our professional mechanics ensure that they're in perfect working condition before sending them out. You have nothing to worry about!

What happens if we past our scheduled time?

Our overtime policy is simple - additional billing is done in 15 minute increments, so you'll only pay for the additional time you use!

Can we pick up a friend first?

You can schedule your reservation however you want. We can pick you up with your guests or stop and get them along the way - whatver you need, that's what our services are for.

Are any discounts offered?

There are discounts and differences in prices based on the season and other variables. Please call us today and speak to one of our agents for more details.

Can you cancel your reservation?

Cancellations are not permitted. If you choose not to utilize your scheduled service, you'll still be responsible for paying the balance in full. This policy will be explained in detail when you call to reserve.

What are your hours of operation?

We're available 24 hours per day, so call us any time to get your service set up!